We offer our customers new products without a need for the involvement of their own capital in the production process.

Through our Private Label service, we are able to offer you a cosmetic product ideally suited to your needs. We cooperate with manufacturers who have at their disposal modern production facilities, and with retailers who want to sell products under a unique brand. We offer assistance at every step of the production process:

  • we present multiple proposals for technological solutions and product variants,
  • we create formulations tailored to fit into specific price brackets, and based on ingredients provided by manufacturers of raw materials from all over the world,
  • we assist in the choice of the packaging,

If a particular product is ordered in the form of a cosmetic mass, we take care of the completion of all the paperwork necessary for the product to be allowed to enter the market. In cooperation with a certified laboratory, your cosmetic will be tested in regard to:

  • Application properties
  • stability
  • dermatological effects
  • physical, chemical and microbiological properties
  • longevity
  • safety
  • compatibility with the packaging material