It is commonly known that people buy with their eyes. This is why the packaging is a vital element of every product. Attractive packaging can often determine the product’s market success.

At Interton we offer a wide range of packaging decoration options to help our customers create outstanding visual effects to gain competitive advantage.

We make every effort to make our clients’ visions come to life. Colour matching, multicolour metallization or hot stamping no not pose a challenge to us.

Professional advice at every level

Are you wondering whether to have your packaging colour matched or varnished, don’t know what size of font will be better suited for a given print technique? Our technical team is always at your service to advise on how to prepare the project in order to achieve the best effects and for all the texts and graphic elements to be properly visible. We are always ready to use the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years to effectively support our clients with their projects.

Decoration possibilities

Apart from the classic colour palette – black, white & transparent, we can colour match the packaging to any colour selected from the PANTONE® range or to a sample provided by the client, for example a decorative carton in which the product will be sold.

This method is based on covering the packaging surface with a layer of metal, followed by a layer of varnish. The basic effect of metallization is for a plastic surface to imitate metal. By using coloured varnish we can obtain other interesting effects of vibrant colours with a tint of metallic gloss. This method is most commonly used to give the packaging an exclusive shiny look.

Covering the packaging surface with varnish allows to obtain practically any desired colour thanks to an almost unlimited pallet of pigments and varnish types. Using this method we can obtain a glossy or a matt effect. Especially interesting result can be obtained when covering a matt varnished surface with a silk screen print or hot foil. Another noteworthy solution is the so-called “frosted glass effect” where a plastic transparent surface is made to look like frosted glass with the use of matt varnish.

This printing technology is most commonly used for printing text on the packaging surface. The advantage of this technique is the availability of a wide range of colours , thorough surface coverage with paint, high durability and precision when printing small details. Especially interesting effects can be obtained when using silk screen print on matt varnished or metallized surface. At interton we offer the possibility to combine screen printing and hot stamping on one packaging surface.

Hot stamping (hs) has for many years been one of the techniques most commonly used for decorating cosmetic packaging. This method of foil adhesion gives the packaging a very elegant look when used as a single colour decoration. It can, however, be used in combination with other decoration techniques, such as varnishing or silk screen. Apart from the standard foil colours of various shades of gold and silver we offer foil available in a wide range of other colours, including black and holographic foil.

The ring is an additional plastic element which is mounted on the neck of the packaging bottle. As a result, a classic mascara or eyeliner bottle can gain a completely new and exclusive look to make it stand out on the store shelf. We offer the possibility to colour match or metallize the ring in traditional gold, rose gold or silver.

Would you like to see your artwork on our packaging?

Let us know which one of our products you are interested in, and we will send you a print grid, so that you can fit your artwork precisely to the dimensions of the chosen product.

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